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How the Baby Died

(1w, 3m)

Bay Area Playwrights Festival Selection 2019, O'Neill Semifinalist 2019

Dev: Ingram New Works Lab (dir. Jessika Malone), Lark Meeting of the Minds, Playground, & Roundtables (dir. Portia Krieger), Bay Area Playwrights Festival (dir. Lauren English)

When the hapless, unemployed actress Stace opts out of her marriage, she becomes (rather suddenly) a live-in nanny for her best friend, his husband, and their newborn baby.  But then she gets the chance of a lifetime: an audition for a French horror theater. Hilarity, mayhem and Grand Guignol hijinks ensue with the only prop available. Baby, it gets bloody. A darkly visceral, absurdly comic play about parenting, pregnancy, and women's physical self-agency.



New York Innovative Theatre Award Nominee: Outstanding Original Full-Length Script; Best Ensemble Pittsburgh Fringe; Princess Grace Finalist; Kilroys Long List; O'Neill Semifinalist; Nashville Top 10 of 2018


World Premiere: Project Y Theatre WiT Festival (dir. Andrew Smith)


At 13, Ursa, Hannah, Linney, and Maeve live in their own world built of basements, secrets, loves, and backyard ghosts — until the last sleepover of the summer. High school looms, with the promise and threat of reinvention, and the group fractures as shifting beliefs and identities collide in a traumatic accident that none of them can explain. Four years later, questions and accusations fly as the survivors revisit the scene of the “crime” and try to understand what happened, what they have lost, and how to live now. 

(5w, 1m)
Princess Grace Finalist 2018


Dev: Fresh Ground Pepper BRB, The Lark, The O'Neill, FGP PlayGround PlayGroup (dir. Ilana Becker), The Blank Living Room Series (dir. Hannah Wolf), Yale Women's Voices in Theatre Festival (dir. Jesse Rasmussen), Workshop: Actors Bridge Ensemble (dir. Jess...

In this contemporary reimagining of the Persephone myth, a teenage goddess straddles her divorced parents’ realities until she meets a human girl and must define her own power to remake a ruined world.

Air Space

(2w, 2m, and a pizza guy)
Kilroys List Top 5 Recommended Plays 2016, Princess Grace Finalist 2016


Dev: Ingram New Works Lab (dir. Nate Eppler), The Lark (dir. Portia Krieger),

Mission to (dit)Mars Lab, San Francisco Playhouse (dir. Graham Smith), City Theatre (Pgh; dir. Spencer Whale)

When Glory and Kyle try to flip a $500 house in an abandoned neighborhood, they discover that the evicted owners have been secretly living in a hollowed-out wall. A surreal comedy about what happens when a new generation tries to build something out of the broken pieces that another generation hasn’t finished with yet. 

Egypt Play, or The Misses Blake on a Holiday Jihad

(2w, 2m, and some puppets)

InterAct 20/20 Finalist, O’Neill Semi-finalist, Lark Playwrights’ Week Finalist


Public Readings: The Actors Studio (dir. Portia Krieger), EST (dir. Larissa Lury)

Development: The Lark, Williamstown Theatre Festival, Sanctuary Lab

Set in a fantastical version of 1880s Egypt, EGYPT PLAY is a dark comedy (with puppets) that probes a British widow's quest to throw off her oppressive life through tourism and asks how an individual can get her hands on freedom without swallowing others’.

Episode #121: Catfight

A Satirical Re-imagining of the 1960s Batman TV Series.
(6m, 2w)

Production: Yale Cabaret (dir. Steven Koernig)

ATTENTION BAT FANS! You’re invited to a live taping of the derring dos of the Dynamic Duo! On this week's episode: As the graceful gals of our fair city prepare to compete in the hallowed Lady Gotham scholarship competition, felonious feline fugitive Catwoman sinks her claws into a plan that could unravel the whole ball of string. Can Batman and Robin make this cat stray, or will mischief and mayhem purr-vail? Tune in to find out. Same Cab-time. Same Cab-channel.


(4w, 4m) 
Dev: The Lark (dir. Larissa Lury), Mission to (dit)Mars Propulsion Lab

In conversation with MUCH ADO, [nbd] plays with gender, sex, and Xena to ask whether well-matched love can survive a world ruled by high school, hockey, and social media selves. 

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Spellbound: Ride Into Red

Original Narrative Circus

Collaboration with Alicia Dawn and Jessika Malone

Featuring Alicia Dawn and Kristen Teffeteller in Kindling Arts Festival, Nashville


How to Be a Widow

Winner: Ellie Playwriting Award, Ivoryton Playhouse Women Playwrights Initiative


Commissioned by: The Three Leaches, Denver Dir. Sarah Crockarell


Dev: Staged Reading, Ivoryton Playhouse (dir. Susan Einhorn), Lark Playground

As the Civil War draws to a close, cholera and Gettysburg have claimed the lives of two husbands. In this wickedly funny play, two young women grapple with the freedom and power of their new widowhood. If they had the chance to have their husbands back, would they take it?

Weather We're Having

(1w, 1m) Production: 1 Minute Play Festival NYC (dir. Jordana Williams)

When Alex steps out of the office and puts up his umbrella, the ground falls away. 

Beautiful Tomorrow

Presented: 5D Around the Block, dir. Ilana Becker

AROUND THE BLOCK is a 90-minute tour through some of New York’s most vibrant neighborhoods. Each piece in is based on personal experiences, interviews, research, and dreams. In collaboration with writers, composers, dancers, actors, and designers, five directors create five interconnected and original works of theatre based on the past, present and imagined future of their respective neighborhoods.


BEAUTIFUL TOMORROW is an interview and research-based play exploring the articulation and development of dreams through the lens of remembering the 1964 World's Fair.

Everything You Were Looking For

(3 Flex) Presented: New York Madness, dir. Ilana Becker

A musical without music. Work becomes play becomes rage when three store clerks hear “Welcome to Walgreens” one time too many.

I Didn't Know I Was the Antichrist

(2w, 4m) Prodution: #serials@theflea, dir. Lilli Stein

When Snowball the kitten shows up on Janine and Marylou Krantz’s doorstep, he has plans. Big plans. A darkly comic take on the black hole between reality and reality TV.

Burning Lines

(1w, 2m)

Workshop: I _____ YOU, Panglossian Productions

Production: Bottles on the Water, Arthur Seelen Theatre (NYC), dir. Ilana Becker

Production: Cold Basement Dramatics (Chicago), dir. Laura Barati


Once, in third grade, George whispered a sonnet to Mady. She stabbed him with a pencil. The lead has never come out. As they grow up, and George’s unrequited feelings become more intense, he struggles to communicate and come to terms with his aloneness.


(1w, 1m)

Workshop: Blink of an Eye, NYU Tisch Asia

Production: Bottles on the Water, Arthur Seelen Theatre (NYC), dir. Ashley Monroe


Rusty and Kate have a baby, and they are going to raise him perfectly. But when Kate discovers that Rusty has been secretly singing showtune lullabies to the baby, they must define what it means to be a good parent.Add News Story here

Times Square Tango

(1w, 1flex) Production: Arthur Seelen Theatre (NYC), dir. Ilana Becker

An almost silent play for actors who have movement, clowning, and/or mime. When Sara, a jaded and broken young woman, is forced to compete with a mime for her piece of sidewalk, she finds herself becoming unexpectedly drawn into an impromptu street performance that will begin to transform her.

How to Fly

(2w, 2m) FGP Sounds Good with Crashbox Theatre Co. (dir. Jordan Schulze)

Kenley is a goldfish who was adopted by birds. When his mother decides she'd rather be an ice dancer than teach him how to fly, he must learn to navigate the world on his own. He meets a cat.

A Thriller in Two Acts: A One-Act Play

(2M, 1W, 1 Flex) Singapore Short and Sweet Selection

As an egomaniacal playwright tries to write a mystery play on stage before a live audience, his characters refuse to play along.

Bad Elephant

(3w, 2m) ArtVenture Film Installation, Panglossian Productions

Based on the 1908 electrocution of Topsy the Elephant at Coney Island. A meditation on narrative, perspective, and film.

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