Working Children 

Colonial Williamsburg Foundation for PBS, Emmy Nominated

Episode of the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation’s Emmy award-winning Electronic Field Trip Series, focusing on the history of child labor in America between the 18th century and today. Currently in post-production. Set to air on PBS stations and online in March 2015.

Bad History

Original Pilot, One-Hour Dramedy

A small-town, family-run, living history museum struggles to stay afloat in a world dominated by recession, polarized politics, political correctness, and 140-character attention spans. Maggie and Rebecca, two estranged sisters, must work together to help the public understand ‘real’ history, on a shoe-string budget, with a staff of quirky locals.


Spec, One-Hour Comedy








Times Square Tango

Original Short Film, Part-Time Box


When Sara, a jaded and broken young woman, is forced to compete with a mime for her piece of sidewalk, she finds herself becoming unexpectedly drawn into an impromptu street performance that will begin to transform her. Currenty in post-production.




Finding Celia Randolph

Original Feature Screenplay

Leanne, an attention-starved aging teen mom, is inspired by a high-profile child abduction case to stage a fake kidnapping of her misbehaving nine-year-old. And hopefully get rich and famous. It goes badly.






Napping in Ohio

Short Film Screenplay

Very loosely based on the life and stories of James Thurber. All Jamie wants to do is get some sleep. But the city is keeping him up. Out of money and out of options, he drives home to his parents’ house in Columbus, OH, where he discovers the value in the family that created his neuroses.






Original Feature Screenplay

A serial killer seeks therapy from his estranged daughter in an effort to stalk her. As he starts to feel love, he wrestles with his addiction to killing. But when a protégé comes out of the woodwork and threatens to expose his secret, he must choose between protecting his daughter and becoming the father he wants to be.






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